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Vision 2016 Forum

  The Vision Council is pleased to announce that in May 2015, has resuscitated cross-sectional stakeholder working groups known as Forums for each of the seven Vision Pillars, as well as an additional Forum for the Youth.


All Forums are guided by the Terms Of Reference  and are expected to undertake the following within their respective fields:

        i.            submit to the Vision Council either on its own initiative or request of the Vision Council, reports or recommendations on issues related to their specific pillar;

      ii.            have power to investigate issues, conduct public hearings and engage stakeholders through workshops/meetings on issues that fall within the confines of their pillar;

    iii.            To acquaint itself with existing policies, programmes and projects, be it non-governmental or governmental that have a bearing on the implementation of a specific pillar and provide recommendations thereof;

     iv.            To send for persons, papers, records, reports, strategic plans of  government ministries and private sector in order to monitor progress of  a specific pillar;

       v.            Carry out any other functions assigned to it by the Vision Council.


Each Forum is a platform where stakeholders pertaining to a certain Pillar can identify and prioritise key issues and areas in order to attain the objectives of Vision 2016 as expressed by their respective Pillar.  They will then give strategic advice through recommendations to the public, private and civil society sectors. The Vision 2016 Secretariat performs secretariat services for all forums.

The Vision Council has resuscitated the Pillar Forums following their suspension in due to logistical and attendance hurdles.   

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